Wisdom and Echo Chambers Don’t Mix

This HBR post from Tom Davenport is worth a read. It starts with ruminations on an expressed desire for “adult supervision” of the Obama administration and ambles down a path of young versus old, then ends up in the juicy domain of cultivating breadth and diversity of opinion. This paragraph was my favourite: “Building good […]

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Taking Management to the Moon

From the Management Exchange site: “In May 2008, thirty-five management scholars and practitioners came together to begin the work of defining an agenda for management innovation in the 21st century. This “renegade brigade” included veteran management experts like Peter Senge, C.K. Prahalad, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Yves Doz, and Tom Malone, new-age management thinkers like James Surowiecki […]

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Being Zen-like in Leadership

An eye-opening unintended consequence of attending a Design Conference earlier this year was learning about the negative impact design has had on our environment. Compounded significantly by reading Do Good Design by David Berman and by watching Food Inc I’ve made some changes, like my grocery shopping habits. The ah-ha of why we as consumers […]

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