Lessons: From Closing to Opening

This poem, The Lesson by Mark Nepo, was shared in the Art of Hosting community today by Jerry Nagel: When young, it was the first fall from love. It broke me open the way lightning splits a tree. Then, years later, cancer broke me further. This time, it broke me wider the way a flood […]

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Building Containers

It was a planned event: an evening with Gervase Busche organized by the BCODN. It was also unexpected: hearing Gervase talk about witnessing real transformational change happen through dialogic practices like Future Search, World CafĂ©, Open Space and more, and not so much through the traditional organizational development diagnostic/data collection approach. I had a permanent […]

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Building New Habits

Thanks to Johnnie Moore for passing along the link to this slideshare by BJ Fogg about three steps to change habits (be sure to read the speakers notes on slide 6). It’s short, sweet and reminds me of these gems from Switch by Chip and Dan Heath: asking the miracle question, think in terms of […]

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