Co-creating: A Fine Line

Onto another mini-harvest from my time at the Applied Improv Network Conference. One of my main ah-has on Friday came from a break-out session and partnering with Chris Corrigan. We had done an activity where in the first part of a brainstorm I responded with a “yes but” to every suggestion Chris had, then we switched […]

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Inspiration from Nature

Another mini-harvest from my journey to the Applied Improv Network Conference. I was fortunate to get a spot on one of the pre-conference learning journeys and chose to go to the California Academy of Sciences. The first part of our day was like a self-hosted Walking and Talking event. I’ll come back and share more of my […]

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Travel Day Lessons

Two little learnings on yesterday’s travel day to the Applied Improv Conference: 1. I pre-booked my shuttle from the airport to my hotel. Waited a loooooog time and watched many many other shuttles come and go before mine finally arrived. Texted my sweetie and told him my lesson that pre-booking a shuttle isn’t necessary in […]

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