Down, I am Slowing

We met in the hallway with the typical “Long time no see… how’s life… good… busy.” Turning to continue on our separate ways. But then I looked back and said, “How is life for you, really?” This opened a different door in our conversation, one about kids growing up so fast and life moving so […]

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Brene Brown on Connection

I just watched Brene Brown’s TEDx Houston’s talk about vulnerability and connection. Resonated big time with Art of Hosting for me. Here are a few notes and thoughts sparked as I listened to her talk: Connection… hosting conversations that matter is about connection, seeing people (reminds me of the South African greeting Sawa Bono/Sikhona). Excruciating […]

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Musings on Holding Space

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with a group who wanted to create some plans for 2011. I drew on the Chaordic Stepping Stones to clarify the high level purpose, the principles, the people and the meeting concept, guided by the mantra that “we aren’t planning a meeting, we’re planning a […]

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