Designing for Participation

After an event I facilitated recently, someone reached out to learn more about how they might go about creating a conference event to bring a particular group of people together. He was intrigued about the idea of an unconference and ways to invite more participation into the event. My first question to him was “who else […]

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XYBOOM Collective Story Harvest

I’m engaged in a variety of really exciting work these days, one of which is facilitating at the second annual XYBOOM Conference happening in Vancouver on May 28th. Part of this year’s agenda is Live Case Study Stories, and I shared some questions and answers to shed some light on this portion of the agenda: 1.What […]

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Cultivating Change Through Conversation

Sharing this post I wrote for the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance for their Making A Scene Conference 2012: Cultivating Change Through Conversation at Making A Scene 2012 Margaret Wheatley wrote, “Human conversation is the most ancient and easiest way to cultivate the conditions for change – personal change, community and organizational change, planetary change. […]

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