Story Sharing Session

Excited for this week as I’m helping some friends with a conference, stepping into the role of Host and Master Theme Weaver. I’ll also be hosting a session that will combine elements of Storycatching, Anecdote Circles, Collective Story Harvest and a group chalk-talk inspired flip chart harvest. Can’t wait to see how it goes and […]

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Twenty Reasons: An Invitation

I’ve been having a blast working with the core planning team for the 61st Western Cities Conference. Playing with some invitation and outreach ideas and crafted these: Twenty Reasons To Join Us At Western Cities 2012 To network, link up, reconnect and learn what other cities and workplaces are doing in these shifting times. Sit […]

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Weaving a Harvest

Every week I find something in my RSS feeds that makes my heart soar a little. Today‚Äôs flight was thanks to Tenneson Woolf, who described Theme Catching & Theme Weaving. A few things I loved: Having a team of Theme Catchers who attend the sessions and catch the gist of things. Renaming the War Room […]

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