Playing on the Edge with Dialogue Poetry

Something I am conscious of in my work designing, hosting and harvesting participatory meetings, gatherings and conferences is ensuring that I am always playing at my edge somewhere in that work experience. It is how I am constantly learning and improving, terrifiying though it can be. And certainly not without it’s failures (more on a recently failure […]

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Online Harvesting with Storify

The core planning team for the Western Cities Conference was game to jump into the online space with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – what we called Conversation Alley. This was purposeful. It fit the theme of the conference “Shift Happens” as the social media wave is certainly a shift for the HR field. This created a […]

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Weaving a Harvest

Every week I find something in my RSS feeds that makes my heart soar a little. Today’s flight was thanks to Tenneson Woolf, who described Theme Catching & Theme Weaving. A few things I loved: Having a team of Theme Catchers who attend the sessions and catch the gist of things. Renaming the War Room […]

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