Game Versus Play

Harvesting another little tidbit amongst all the learnings I had at the Applied Improv Network Conference. This one from the opening session with Bernie DeKoven and Matt Weinstein, when Bernie talked about game community versus play community. In a game community the big question underneath is “is the player good enough to play”? And in […]

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Co-creating: A Fine Line

Onto another mini-harvest from my time at the Applied Improv Network Conference.¬†One of my main ah-has on Friday came from a break-out session and partnering with Chris Corrigan. We had done an activity where in the first part of a brainstorm I responded with a “yes but” to every suggestion Chris had, then we switched […]

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Johnstonian Intensive with Kasey Klemm

The bar was set high for my Applied Improv Network Conference when I kicked it off with a one day¬†Johnstonian Intensive with Kasey Klemm: In this one-day workshop, Kasey Klemm will guide you through the philosophies, techniques and activities of improv innovator Keith Johnstone, author of Impro and Improv for Storytellers and creator of Theatresports, […]

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