When Tweaks Won’t Do

I saw a message on Twitter recently, in the context of innovation in the recycling/zero waste arena, that read “Identify the problem, evaluate the system, ideate options, implement solutions. Lather rinse repeat!” And I thought to myself  – No! – with an asterisk. The asterisk is knowing what domain you are operating in: Simple, in […]

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Harvesting Stories of Innovation Deaths

From a recent conversation about some innovative work that was recently stamped-out inside an organization after the supporter in the current leadership suddenly left (jobs ended, good work that was making a positive difference brought to an abrupt end – a death of sorts), I was reminded of speaker John Hagel who talked about innovation inside organizations. Some of […]

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Wisdom and Echo Chambers Don’t Mix

This HBR post from Tom Davenport is worth a read. It starts with ruminations on an expressed desire for “adult supervision” of the Obama administration and ambles down a path of young versus old, then ends up in the juicy domain of cultivating breadth and diversity of opinion. This paragraph was my favourite: “Building good […]

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