12 Principles for Supporting Healthy Community

I own these amazing cards, 12 Principles for Healthy Community Change, part of Berkana’s Engaging Community Toolkit. But sometimes I go to reach for them and they are not where I am. I find them inspiring reminders for aligning how we go about creating change with the change we’re trying to create. So, I’m nabbing […]

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Giving Up on Changing the World

Tonight I read Marianne Knuth’s recent post “Reflections on our participation in a world gone wrong”. Having just heard Rob Stewart share his message about the impact humans are having on the planet (hint = not good) and then watching his documentary Sharkwater this weekend, this topic of our participation in a world gone wrong is circling in […]

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Give Up On Balance

I came across this image in the photostream from a gathering with folks from the BALLE Network (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies): It reminded me of something Margaret Wheatley said last fall at her Leadership In Turbulent Times evening: I never did find balance but I did find meaning and purpose. So give up on […]

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