Olympic Logo as Talking Piece?

I’m always on the lookout for interesting and meaningful pieces to use as a talking piece. The PeerSpirit Circle Guidelines describes the use of a talking piece: Talking piece council is often used as part of check-in, check-out, and whenever there is  a desire to slow down the conversation, collect all voices and contributions, and be able to […]

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A Little Bit of Circling

A couple of weeks ago I set up two separate 45 minute conference calls to connect with some leaders who have embarked on a journey in a new role. When the calls started we began with a check-in question. Two years ago that moment would have brought butterflies into my tummy. Using a check-in within […]

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We Need A Language of Listening

A gift in an article of Bob Stilger’s,  from Ascent Magazine in 2008: When I have a problem or issue that won’t go away, I don’t usually look to someone who will give me advice. I look for someone who will give me listening. Ten years ago, I organized a healing group when my friend Robert Theobald was diagnosed with esophageal […]

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