Insight: Harvesting Is A Process

An important part of planning a participatory gathering or meeting is the harvest. I like to explain this as what do we want to harvest in our hands (the tangible – reports, photos, videos, sculptures…) and in our hearts (the intangible – togetherness, team spirit, clarity, passion, new relationships…)? In fact, we aren’t planning a […]

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Design Helpers: Breaths and Stepping Stones

In a conversation tonight with a friend who is working on two connected events that are sparking network building and collaborative action (one a larger meeting and the other a potential conference), I drew on two design helpers from the Art of Hosting community that are near and dear to my work designing conversation processes: Chaordic Stepping Stones: clear […]

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Falling Down

When I created my goals for the year I imagined a quarterly reflection to see how I was progressing, reflect on my learnings, make tweaks and continue on. But here I am with one month done and I can feel this presence hovering over my shoulder. I think it might be my conscience. So reflection […]

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