Give Up On Balance

I came across this image in the photostream from a gathering with folks from the BALLE Network (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies): It reminded me of something Margaret Wheatley said last fall at her Leadership In Turbulent Times evening: I never did find balance but I did find meaning and purpose. So give up on […]

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Diamonds and Elevators

Funniest line to appear in my inbox recently: “Signing off until the next edition, which we promise will come sometime in the next 2 to 17 months.” Who from but the fabulous Heath Brothers with their wisdom-rich nuggets and great sense of humour. I finally read one of the articles they suggested (hint: it’s about […]

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Do You Know Your Purpose?

Last week a group of managers and I chartered the territory of Dan Pink’s TED talk on the surprising science of motivation. I’m always a little nervous about what their reaction is going to be (so far there hasn’t been a mutiny against me!). In the discussion after the video we end up at the […]

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