On Power and Love

“To be able to break down the barrier of space between self and other, yet at the same time to be able to maintain it, this seems to be the paradox of creativity.” ~ from The Forms of Things Unknown Coming across this quote prompted me to go back and explore the notes I took […]

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Keep Passing the Open Windows

It is one of my favourite books, one I would re-read every summer. A story line to sink into and lose yourself in. A tale believable and unbelievable all at the same time. And a source of constant inside jokes between my sister and I, like “keep passing the open windows”. Shared with a knowing […]

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The Alchemist

I enjoyed reading The Alchemist this weekend. I sense it is a book to be read and re-read. Layers of insights. A book about journeys and transformations. Like lead into gold. Two excerpts in particular resonated with me – including one of the book’s well known quotes (emphasis mine): “It’s a book that says the […]

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