Be a Yuletide Storycatcher

After receiving a set of Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot I’ve enjoyed her occasional newsletters that arrive in my inbox. Today’s led me to a post of her’s from last year about hosting a winter solstice story circle. In it she has one of my favourite quotes about the power of story from Christina Baldwin: Story […]

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Beauty, Silence and Listening

This from Bob Stilger in the Art of Hosting community: Several days ago, in Montreal, we held a one day workshop using stories from Japan’s disaster area as fuel for a conversation about thrivability in Montreal. Several things were key to the event’s success. One was that we brought beauty into the center. As we […]

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Story Sharing Session

Excited for this week as I’m helping some friends with a conference, stepping into the role of Host and Master Theme Weaver. I’ll also be hosting a session that will combine elements of Storycatching, Anecdote Circles, Collective Story Harvest and a group chalk-talk inspired flip chart harvest. Can’t wait to see how it goes and […]

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