inviting collaboration / facilitating participatory gatherings / harvesting for wise action


Through a series of pre-planning meetings I help map your system to determine who needs to be part of the conversation for something different to occur, and discover what questions could make the most difference to your future. I draw from Open Space Technology, World Cafe, circle process, Appreciative Inquiry, applied improv and other group processes to create a container for participatory leadership and wise action to emerge.


80% of my work happens long before the event…


My approach begins early in the planning stage to understand the intention of your meeting, gathering or conference. Here is a high level overview of my approach:

  • Pre-event planning meetings to clarify the purpose, principles and core question of the meeting/conversation/conference.
  • Help with invitation design and support, discovering who has a stake in the issue and how we can invite them well through different outreach activities.
  • Assistance with sorting out logistics and room set-up needs.
  • Planning for the harvest (the artefacts that helps us make meaning and tell the story of our gathering) and how it will feed forward to have the desired impact.
  • Designing and facilitating the meeting/conversation/conference that serves the purpose and principles.
  • A post-event debriefing to reflect on what happened and planning for the ‘what, so what, now what’ on any action plans that were created and need support and follow-up, what decisions might need to be made, and how can we do this in a way that sustains self-organization and ongoing learning.

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A short video of me talking about my work at Interesting Vancouver in 2011.


video courtesy Interesting Vancouver on Vimeo