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  • Conversational Leadership:  Key article on how conversation is central to all change efforts and sound advice on how to architect the process.
  • The Art of Powerful Questions: A brilliant guide to creating and working with powerful questions. The basis for all good participatory design.
  • Art of Harvesting:  What are we really doing in our meetings and events? We’re not planning a meeting we’re planning a harvest – planning for what will come out of the meeting and where it goes next.
  • The Work of Leadership:   Key insights by Ron Heifetz describing the different kinds of leadership needed in adaptive challenges verse more technical problem solving challenges. The practices we use are especially useful in addressing adaptive change.
  • The Tao of Holding Space:   The essence of Open Space Technology facilitation is known as “holding space.” This e-book by Chris Corrigan explores the practice of holding space by reinterpreting the Tao te Ching.

articles that explain participatory and collaborative leadership

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