Let's work together

Here are some possible ways we might work together

Facilitation and hosting  

Meetings, planning sessions, story and knowledge sharing gatherings and more. Inviting more of the system into the room. Creating a container for people to tap into their capacity and creativity to do good work together. Balancing structure and flexibility, hosting space with life and energy, engaging hearts and minds, co-creating possibilities, shared sense of purpose, and wise action.


Circle coaching and management development

Training and coaching support to groups who want to move to a circle-based group process for their meetings and work culture. Circle-based management creates a social container for improved communication, participation, collaborative leadership, addressing conflict, and creating the conditions for people to speak and listen in ways that can be heard which leads to successful problem solving.



Shifting the traditional conference experience away from all ‘expert time' to include much more ‘participatory time'. Weaving in bursts of participatory formats throughout the day. Designing more significant opportunities within your conference agenda to tap into the wisdom in the room. Increase relationship building, learning and cross-pollinating.



Meaningful retreats or gatherings for your team, organization, or group. Pressing pause to celebrate, rejuvenate, build deeper connections to each other and the work, and replenish for the journey ahead.


Art of Hosting Learning Experiences

Learn the art of participatory and collaborative leadership. Exploring the various world views and theories, methodologies such as World Cafe, Circle and Open Space Technology, and design tools and frameworks for hosting and harvesting conversations that matter. Building practices in personal leadership, participating in collaborative conversations, group process design and hosting conversations, and co-creating with others.


Circle Learning Experiences

Learn how to lead transformative and collaborative meetings. Based on the Circle Way teachings from Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, who have defined the essential elements that make circle process strong enough to hold the needed conversations for these times. Gaining skills to host circle meetings in various settings.  Exploring the components of circle structure, applying various aspects of circle process to enhance meetings and conversations, and practicing with real questions and issues.

I’m based near Vancouver, BC and can travel.

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