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Human conversation is the most ancient and easiest way to cultivate the conditions for change—personal change, community and organizational change, planetary change. If we can sit together and talk about what’s important to us, we begin to come alive. ~ Margaret Wheatley

About Amanda

I teach, design and host circle-based processes for groups who want to meet and work together in a more collaborative way.

I offer practices and structures for groups who want to:

I offer practices and structures for groups who want to:

Foster collaborative or participatory leadership. Create space for differences. Discover how they can more effectively work and communicate together. Create a healthier system or community. Build relationships while navigating conflict. Navigate uncertainty and possibility. Move to decision and wise action.

My work includes:

My work includes:

Working with groups to design and host community conversations, meetings, retreats and longer-term change and transformation projects. Teaching The Circle Way as a transformational and collaborative meeting and management process. Creating innovative conference experiences to bring more connection and authentic engagement. Co-leading Art of Hosting Participatory Leadership learning experiences.

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Where this work applies

Wondering if this is for you?

Conversation-based change, participatory leadership, and collaborative decision making can be applied across diverse sectors, cultures and demographics.

You might be a leader, manager, supervisor, project leader, community group member, youth worker, educator, legal professional, board member, consultant, church leader, artist, and parent. You might be working in fields such as health care, government, the social sector, organizations, healing and trauma work, parent groups, restorative justice and social innovation.

These approaches can apply wherever you desire to meet and work together in a better way.

Working Together

80% of my work happens long before the event

My approach begins early in the planning stage to understand the intention of your meeting, gathering, conference or longer term project. Here is a high level overview of my approach:
  • Pre-event planning meetings to clarify the purpose, principles and core question.
  • Help with invitation design and support, discovering who has a stake in the issue and how we can invite them well.
  • Assistance with logistics and room set-up needs.
  • Planning for the harvest – the artefacts that helps us make meaning and feeding it forward for desired impact.
  • Designing and facilitating the sessions in service of the purpose and principles.
  • A post-event debriefing to reflect on what happened and planning for the ‘what, so what, now what’ on any action plans created.

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